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Trane xr14 vs xr15

More than 5 million central air conditioners were sold in the US in alone. With the arrival of summer, the first thought that comes to mind is to find a good air conditioner. You can purchase from a large range of room air conditioners for your home and enjoy the chilled environment they provide, or go for a central air conditioner for a more energy-efficient alternative to cool your entire house.

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As you will see ahead, Trane air conditioners are good all-rounders with a particular focus on efficiency. However, that is also where the problem lies. All these features are available in different units. Trane AC units are some of the more reliable air conditioners out there with a generous year limited warranty and an eloquent promise of efficiency.

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And with nine, distinctive central air conditioners to choose from, you get a slew of options when it comes to purchasing and running costs. Following is a table that compares the installation and expected running costs of different Trane air conditioners that are currently available in the market.

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Trane has an average SEER of Although Trane AC units are somewhat more expensive than others available in the market, spending on a high-quality unit is worth the price in the end. Trane boasts its efficiency and warranty above all else, with a different air conditioner unit for everyone, whether they prefer a noiseless cooling solution with sleeker design or an economical, more efficient cooling unit.

Home Builder — Eaglewood Homes recommends and only uses for its quality, energy efficient Trane AC units in their homes. That fact that there is a government tax rebate upon purchase of this unit is a big plus when it comes to considering your options. Whether you can make your own shed or repair your car yourself, installing a thousand-dollar at least! Proper installation can be worth 10 or more years of life for your air conditioning unit.

These contractors go through extensive theoretical and practical training before they are certified to work for the public. To make it easier for you we have added a form that will initiate the process. Simply follow the steps to get a quote!

All Trane products have unique model and serial numbers, each representing a different class of products. Trane recommends using its higher-end units because of the external technologies they use. This technology allows the unit to run at precise speeds to regulate the inside temperature as and when required, thus saving electricity. Similarly, Trane VX18 is branded as the quietest unit with running noise going as low as dB!

Trane XR15 Air Conditioner Overview

We have mentioned SEER quite a few times above, and here, we shall dig into a bit more detail about what it means. It is a measure of the ratio of BTU to how much energy is consumed when your unit is running. In simple terms, it is the efficiency of air conditioners, heaters, and refrigerators.

Some governments also offer tax rebates for buying air conditioners above a specific SEER rating 16while those below 13 are considered illegal. In fact, that is exactly how the Irish company has managed to gain more market share than many major HVAC manufacturers! An air conditioner has multiple parts working together in order to cool hot air and blow it through the vents, into your house.

While all the parts are essential, some of them are critical. This high pressure results in cooling the gas down turning it into a liquid in the processand when hot air passes through the coils holding the cold gas, it gets cooled and thrown back into your room. Single stage compressors are exactly what the name suggests — having only one phase.With Trane heat pumps, you get a product with over years of experience behind it that gives you the reassurance that you are getting both quality and affordability in one.

Another feature that contributes to quieter operation and also better airflow is the fan that comes with the installed blade-down concept. The noise level is in between 70 and 76 decibels. You also get the Spine Fin outdoor coil made completely from lightweight aluminum that speeds heat dissipation and wards off corrosion.

trane xr14 vs xr15

The exterior is designed to last as well, thanks to the powder coated paint job that shields the metal from rust as well as the DuraTuff rust-resistant base pan that is designed not to warp or rust. Steel louvered panels on the sides shield the coils from the weather while keeping air movement flowing unimpeded.

This helps reduction on your utility expenses as well. Trane XR models, when compare to other series comes with a shorter year warranty on a compressor, outdoor coil and internal parts, which is industry most offered.

You can combine the Trane heat pumps from XR series with other Trane products and create a complete HVAC comfort system that will maximize the output of all of the products. These include CleanEffects air cleaners, humidifiers, energy recovery ventilators that circulate the air and reduce the need for the heat pump to work so hard, and the Nexia Home Intelligence controller system that you can control and monitor with your smartphone or computer.

Trane XR17 heat pumps come with all of the key components needed to have the best heating and cooling possible in this line. If you pair it with other components, you can enjoy Energy Star certification for your products thanks to the two-stage compressor which also means you virtually eliminate temperature variation indoors.

The XR17 delivers as much as a Trane XR16, too, comes with the Climatuff compressor for many years of quality operation, and like the XR17, when used in combination with other Trane products, is Energy Star certified. This delivers a very respectable 17 SEER and 9. It can also deliver 9. Those ratings translate into lower utility bills in every season.

Which Trane Air Conditioner is Right for You?

This entry level model in the XR line still features the Climatuff compressor and Spine Fin aluminum coils, and it is also the most affordable unit.

If this line of Trane heat pumps sounds like the perfect fit for you, call your local Trane HVAC dealer and schedule an appointment to have an expert come examine your heating and cooling needs. Then just sit back and relax in your comfortable home. Heat pump not cooling? Not enough cool air? Find out what are the common causes and how to deal with those air conditioning problems.

Check out water source heat pumps and see are they worth installing. These HVAC systems are great option when looking to invest in a comfortable, reliable, durable, and cost-effective heating and cool….

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Find out the difference between evaporator and condenser coils of air-to-air heat pumps, so you can fix the problem and maintain the unit for the long term heating operation. All rights reserved. Product details Efficient and quiet operation photo: trane.

These HVAC systems are great option when looking to invest in a comfortable, reliable, durable, and cost-effective heating and cool… Read More Heat Pumps: Find the Difference between Evaporator and Condenser Coils Find out the difference between evaporator and condenser coils of air-to-air heat pumps, so you can fix the problem and maintain the unit for the long term heating operation Read More.Remember Me?

trane xr14 vs xr15

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 13 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The problem is that the price jump from the XR to XR seems absurd to me. I can get two whole home dehumidifers for the same amount it would cost me to upgrade to the XR So, is my HVAC contractor just trying to make an obscene profit off of me or is he giving me good advice to ditch the two whole home dehumidifers for the XR?

I wouldn't do it. The price jump shouldn't be that large. A WHD isn't a bad option either. The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole. I think I may have made a mistake. So, he was probably quoting an XR13 initially, not an XR I guess the question still applies though.

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My first recommendation still stands. I'd opt for heat pump. PRicing can;t be discussed here. Too many viarbles in every situation to evaluate pricing. My first question actually is, do you even need a 5 ton.

It take a pretty large home even in FLorida to require 5 tons. It's more humid than it is hot in SW Florida. Very easy to oversize there because it "Feels hot" all the time.

Frequency of hot days does not determine sizing. If it did, the larger furnaces would actually be installed in the Pacific Northwest because it's cool there most of hte year. This is the Ask Our Pro's forum. In order to post a response here, you must have verified qualifications and have been approved by the AOP Committee.

You may ask a question by starting a new thread.

Trane XR15 Central Air Conditioner Review

You can find the rules for posting and qualifications here. Additional infractions may result in loss of posting privileges. Well where do I start. If you are looking at XR 13 as the base model and then looking at the XR 16 there is a big diffrence between the two. What are the model 's he has quoted?

This along can make the price increase. What I am getting at is this. Ask them what the differance is between the base model vs the mid range models.Trane Xr14 Vs Xr16 pictures in here are posted and uploaded by Adina Porter for your trane xr14 vs xr16 images collection.

The images that existed in Trane Xr14 Vs Xr16 are consisting of best images and high setting pictures. These many pictures of Trane Xr14 Vs Xr16 list may become your inspiration and informational purpose. We wish you enjoy and satisfied taking into account our best describe of Trane Xr14 Vs Xr16 from our stock that posted here and then you can use it for good enough needs for personal use only. We manage to pay for a summit vibes tall photo in the same way as trusted permit and whatever if youre discussing the habitat layout as its formally called.

This web is made to incline your unfinished room into a helpfully usable room in usefully a brief amount of time. Adina Porter is the administrator at adinaporter. Adina Porter. Furniture Stores Lawton Ok Interior views. Pottery Barn Explosion Chandelier Interior views. Follinique Hair Regrowth Treatment Interior views.

Floating solar Powered Pond Aerator Interior views. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.In a rush? Call us The XR15 was equipped with a Climatuff compressor that was surrounded by its own sound insulator.

The Spine Fin outdoor coil, made of aluminum, provided increased heat transference and was designed for low air resistance.

trane xr14 vs xr15

Not only was the outdoor coil resistant to corrosion, but so were the zinc-coated Weatherguard fasteners on the full-side louvered panels. These galvanized steel panels were part of the Quick-Sess cabinet, which provided complete protection of the coil.

For additional assurance, the DuraTuff base pan was corrosion-resistant. For an attractive appearance, theXR15 air conditioner was coated with a baked-on powder paint. For further indoor comfort, accessories including a humidifier, air cleaner and ventilator were available. Read more about Trane Air Conditioners. Unless the malfunction is caused by a "functional part," the warranty is worthless. The is a bunch of baloney. It doesn't run, so what is a functional part?

Monday morning, call for service. Diagnosis is leaking coil. Asked the tech about a new outside unit since this seems like nearly the cost of a new one. No, they don't do that, sold as a set. So how much for a new system? Since they'd have to supply a new coil, I asked about options to acquire a new unit. All I got was chapter and verse about the warranty. Basically, parts only 10 years. I'm done with Trane. Perhaps their other customers are satisfied with a product that fails twice in the first eight years, but I'm not.

Shopping for a new unit that is not part of the Ingersoll Rand corporation. Installed by a Trane "Comfort Specialist" dealer on September 20, High stage of the compressor stopped working in June ofthe selling dealer installed a new compressor the next day at no charge to me since I had the Trane 10 year extended warranty.

The standard Trane 10 year parts warranty picked up the compressor cost and the extended warranty picked up the labor cost.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 13 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Trane XR14 or XR15? Hi newbie here, I need to buy an outdoor unit for my sq ft home in Savannah Ga.

I have it narrowed down to 2 Trane systems. The first is a Trane XR 15 3. The other is a Trane XB 14, 4ton system with a 15 seer rating. Both units are priced the same and I can't decide if I should go with the 3. I have a variable speed hyperion indoor unit air handler I think its called installed already, and my home is Spray Foam insulated, no Fiberglass insulation if that helps I just want to know what will be the best "bang" for my buck, and what are the major differences, which unit can best handle Hot Georgia weather and which system will be cheaper to operate?

Thank-you in advance for helping me. Originally Posted by georgiajill. Also the thermostat he is installing has really good humidity control according to him, but I need more opinions, thanks. I do trust my contractor, but maybe he's a little misinformed, I just need to know if the XR is better or the XB is better and why. They're both crappy when they are over sized for the home. All foam insulation house, maybe 2.

Unless you have a good whole house dehumidifier.

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Contractor locator map How-to-apply-for-Professional How many times must one fix something before it is fixed? Have contractor do a load calculation and choose the right size unit Thank-you everybody for your input. I guess the XB 4 ton is out, being it is oversized. But now I'm not sure if I should get the 3.

I have scheduled a load test to be done today, I'll let ya'll know the results soon. Get it sized right. Sizing can be all over the place. I can cool my whole 2 story sqft home with 4 tons and it's not spray foamed in the walls If a retrofitted spray foam in the walls it would probably be around 3 tons XB is the lower end almost builder grade. I believe it's the same compressor, but the XR has a more rugged enclosure and a sound blanket so it's a little quieter.

I'd go with the XR if I was looking at Trane. I personally prefer the contractor I use and he sells Carrier. I like their equipment too. If he sold Trane, I'd have Trane in my house. Are you getting a furnace or heat pump?Our current home has a five year old Trane that has been a workhorse machine. I went into the current search with Trane as my first choice and compared all the others to it to see if I was convinced any could outdo it.

I looked at some units that were highly rated with lots of great features, similar to these two Trane units, but nothing I found gave me cause to go with another brand. The climate here played a significant role in my decision-making.

Things start heating up in May and it can be pretty sticky throughout the Summer. The XL15i goes They are both Energy Star rated, single stage heat pumps, and include the Trane CleanEffects air filtration equipment. The XR15 is offered with a year limited warranty on the compressor, coil and additional parts while the XL15i comes with 12 years on the compressor.

The cost for the units themselves came in pretty close, too. Installation was where things got a little odd. The energy usage specs are essentially the same, as are the features. I added two heat strips for an extra boost on the coldest of days. Your email address will not be published.

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